Thursday, March 17, 2011

40th Street Artist-in-Residence Erik Ruin's new show! See it March 25 and 26, 2011!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- A Waltz-Punk Theatrical Extravaganza in West Philly March 25th & 26th
From the creators of the Nothing Factory

CONTACT- Erik Ruin- 267.262.0208.

Horrible Dept. Svcs.
~ presents ~

capital i and the royal waltzing we

script by Reid Books & Colin Cascia
scenic design by Erik Ruin

Horrible Dept. Svcs. presents capital i and the royal waltzing we, a musical theatre piece featuring a strange room with no doors or windows, it's inhabitant who throws fits in the form of very quaint waltzes, an imaginary orchestra, a news anchor who tries to get involved, and an ominous butterfly.

From many of the same folks who brought you The Nothing Factory, this promises to be another darkly amazing extravaganza, combining live music, absurdist dance and expressionist scenery.

Location: The Rotunda • 4014 Walnut St.
When : Fri & Sat • March 25 & 26 • 8pm

Brought to you by Puppet Uprising.
Dir. by Sarah Lowry (of the Missoula Oblongata) & Erik Ruin (Justseeds, Flight, etc.).
Script by Reid Books and Colin Cascia,
Scenic design by Erik Ruin
Music by the Horrible Department.
Starring Tom Snell (Bedlam Theatre) and David Kassky.

With special guest performances by
Katt Hernandez & Erik Ruin (Katt’s briefly returned from Sweden! improvised duo for violin and overhead projector)-March 25th
Fence Kitchen (Tim Harbeson’s unique circus of antique objects &  instruments)- March 26th

For more information, contact Erik Ruin- 267.262.0208. or see

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