Monday, October 13, 2014

POST Oct. 11 and 12

AIR had a successful weekend of Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (POST)! POST presents an annual opportunity for members of the Philadelphia community to explore and communicate with local artists (more information can be found at The West of Broad Street tours occurred this past Saturday and Sunday, October 11 and 12. The East of Broad Street tours will happen on Saturday, October 25 and Sunday, October 26, from noon to 6 pm on both days.

This weekend, people filtered in to chat with some of our current residents Aislinn Pentecost-Farren, Althea Baird, Brujo De la Mancha, and Tenbroeck Cripps; our artist liaison Heidi Ratanavanich; past residents Brian Bazemore and Lucy Pistilli; and our guest artist Johanna Inman. AIR had the honor of presenting a collection of photographs by Inman in our 4007 Chestnut Street Gallery. Visitors got a chance to see the artists at work, preview their pieces, and speak with them about their inspirations. Visitors could also see some work by Lorna Williams, another current resident. See the pictures below for a taste of the event. 

Johanna Inman talks about her process and work with guests.
Lucy Pistilli shares her inspiration with a visitor.
Guests chat with Tenbroeck Cripps in her 4007 studio.
A piece by Lorna Williams.
Work by Brujo De la Mancha.

Aislinn Pentecost-Farren and visitors discuss the Sckuylkill River.
AIR will continue to provide resident artists and the artist liaison with free studio space until next August. Each resident will then have a one-month show, exhibited at 4007 Chestnut Street, starting next year (2015). Stay tuned for more information!

Monday, June 9, 2014

I wasn't doing nothing by Yangbin Park

40th AIR resident Yangbin Park is showing his work at the AIRSPACE gallery on 40th and Chestnut on June 13th 6pm-9pm. The closing is July 5th. Come see a brilliant West Philly artist!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

40th AIR Resident Brenna K. Murphy curates exhibition at the University City Arts League - Opening Fri May 16!

40th AIR Resident, Brenna K. Murphy, curates exhibition at the University City Arts League - Opening Friday, May 16th!As part of her 40th AIR residency community outreach, Brenna K. Murphy has curated a three-person exhibition at the University City Arts League this month.  By including work of her own, as well as the work of Kay Healy and Emily Manalo Ruiz (artists living in Center City and South Philly respectively), Murphy aims to bridge the gap between the often divided art scenes of West Philadelphia neighborhoods and those east of the Schuylkill.  

“Home” is Murphy’s first curatorial project and explores the concepts of home, memory, and nostalgia through a variety of media including hair-embroidery, ink-transfer, and soft sculpture.  

For people all over the world, the concept of home is an ever-present truth. The details may differ from culture to culture, but it plays a distinct role in our lives regardless of these differences. From the time we are born to the time we die, we are confronted with the homes that are provided for us, the homes we leave, the homes we return to, and the homes we make for ourselves.
In “Home,” artists Kay Healy, Brenna K. Murphy, and Emily Manalo Ruiz invite us to consider what home means to us and how the parameters of its meaning can change. They explore this question in a variety of contexts and mediums, and are particularly interested in the inherent materiality of home. Domestic furniture and objects, textiles, everyday artifacts, and even the human bodies that occupy our homes are investigated in an effort to understand how these aspects of the physical world affect the intangible realm of human psyche and emotion.
The University City Arts League is a community not-for profit organization that has been serving the community for 45 years through some 60 different classes throughout the year for adults and children, including an active pottery studio, an art gallery, after-school arts programming for children, and outreach in the community.
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, May 16th6-8pm
EXHIBITION DATES: May 16th - June 20th
GALLERY HOURS: M-F, 10am - 7pm