Saturday, February 14, 2009

Outreach Projects undertaken by Current Residents

Community Outreach/Educational Activities undertaken by current resident artists:

Current residents are undertaking the following projects in the community:

* Francesca Pfister has just finished teaching a photography elective to middle school students at Penn Alexander School. The class explored identity in a school that includes multiple races, ethnicities and backgrounds.

* Gabriele Tiberno is teaching life drawing to students in Vanessa Marshall’s art class at West Philadelphia High School. The lessons will culminate in a mural project at the school.

* Sarah Stefana Smith is working with teacher Pam Toller on a photography project with students from Shaw Middle School.

* Maria Anasazi collaborated with the Spiral Q Puppet Theater for a project that involved creating puppets and large handmade books.

* Beth Pulcinella ran a free screen-printing workshop that addressed issues of identity and used screen-printing as an agent towards social change.

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