Saturday, September 29, 2012

Meet the artists OCT 6 + 7!

Hadeya's Coming by Celestine Wilson Hughes
Hadeya's Coming by Celestine Wilson Hughes
pictured: Barn House by Mike Harpring
Barn House by Mike Harpring
Fall is here, and so are our new residents!Next weekend, on SATURDAY OCTOBER 6 AND SUNDAY OCTOBER 7, you will have the opportunity to meet our 2012-2013 residents (Fatima Adamu, Mike Harpring, Diedra Krieger, Thomasin Parnes, and Celestine Wilson Hughes) while seeing their work in their very own studios. We'll have some work mounted in our gallery space, too! PLUS, say hello to an old friend----2011-2012 resident Martina Plag, who stayed on this year to act as an artist liaison. Martina will be in her new studio (4007 Chestnut, back) on October 7 only.

moon goddess by fatima adamu
Moon Goddess by Fatima Adamu

WHEN: Saturday October 6 + Sunday October 7, 12-6pm both days

WHERE: 4007 Chestnut Street, 1st floor + 4013 Chestnut Street, 1st and 2nd floors  

This year's group of residents has it all, from stained glass, collage, painting, and silkscreening, to puppetry, installation art, video, photography, movement, eco-art/upcycling, and a host of other media.  

The 40th Street Artist-in-Residence Program (AIR) is truly a diverse initiative, supporting artists from all walks of life and all visual media.  

Visit the artists' studios for a behind-the-scenes look at how they create in their new digs, and stop by the gallery to see some completed pieces by this talented lineup. 

Plastic Fantastic flyer
flyer for Plastic Fantastic, a project by Diedra Krieger

Studio + gallery locations:

4007 Chestnut front: Celestine Wilson Hughes

4007 Chestnut Middle: Gallery

4007 Chestnut back: Martina Plag (2011-2012 resident; current artist liaison; in studio October 7 only)

4013 Chestnut 1st floor front: Fatima Adamu
pictured: Because Your Pockets Weren't 
There (detail) by Thomasin Parnes
Because Your Pockets Weren't There (detail) by Thomasin Parnes

4013 Chestnut 1st floor middle: Mike Harpring

4013 Chestnut 2nd floor middle: Diedra Krieger

4013 Chestnut 2nd floor back: Thomasin Parnes

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