Wednesday, August 1, 2012

AIR Exchange - 8/10/12 - exhibit of 2011-2012 community engagement projects + bbq reception

Join us on Friday August 10th, 6-8pm, for an exhibit and casual bbq reception for Exchange!

This is our very first exhibit of the work completed over the course of residents' community engagement projects.

Bid farewell to our 2011-2012 residents, say hello to our 2012-2013 residents, and see how hard our artists work.

At our gallery, 4007 Chestnut St., 1st floor.

See work from these 2011-2012 projects -
Marie Alarcón: Park Pleasant Nursing Home & Rehab;
Michael Konrad: Neighborhood Bike Works;
E.K. Miles: A Renaissance is What They Call It (student-led art class for all ages);
Sarah Lowry and Beth Nixon & Ms. Weinraub's Drama Classes at West Philadelphia High School;
Martina Plag: University City High School

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